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The setting is grand: On a clear day, you can see the snowcapped Antisana (5753m) about 15km to the south, and all day every day you can see the green, steep hillsides surrounding the springs.

5 to 6 hours
Total travel duration
$ 147
Daily departures
Available under request

Day tour Papallacta Hot Springs

Looking forward to relaxing day out of Quito? Enjoy the relaxing hot and cold thermal pools in a beautiful natural surroundings.

Description of the trip
Enjoy a day trip from Quito (60km/ approx. 2hrs) to the well known hot springs of Papallacta. We take a private transportation heading east of Quito in direction to the Amazon basin while the drive enjoy the wonderful landscape passing through the paramo (tundra). The highest point reached is 4,150m where we then descend to a spectacular setting at 3,300m where the thermal baths of Papallacta are located.

Papallacta is by far the most luxurious, best kept and probably the most scenic thermal bath in Ecuador with a variety of 9 different pools at various temperatures. above all it’s famous for its hot springs, highly ferrous pools reputed to relieve numerous ailments from kidney trouble to ganglions.

The thermal waters are rich in minerals and sulfates, and are said to provide numerous health and beauty benefits, You can also set up optional spa treatments for the ultimate relaxation experience. If you feel more active you can opt for small hikes around Papallacta area.

Please note that our itineraries may change, due to weather conditions, traffic, and logistical matters, so the number of excursions and visits are limited, so not specific excursion can be guaranteed.

What to bring?
Bathing suits, towel, sweater, lightweight and warm clothing, sunscreen, sandals, hiking boots and camera.

Altitude sickness
Please consider that this tour reaches high altitude and depending on your age, gender, fitness and health condition you might suffer from altitude sickness. Please check with your doctor before travelling.