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Classic Galapagos

Did you know? The beginning of the breeding season of the marine iguanas varies from island to island, but generally take place between december and january over a period of slightly over three weeks. Males defend 1.2 -38.8 m2 display territories by boobing their heads or fighting head -to- head with intruders.

6D / 5N
Single supplement
$ 733
Start & finish
Santa Cruz to San Cristobal Island
Daily departures on request
6D / 5N
Single supplement
$ 1109
Start & finish
Santa Cruz to San Cristobal Island
Daily departures on request

IMPORTANT NOTE: We recommend to book flights with an early arrival time to Baltra airport, Santa Cruz Island (before 11:00am) in order to make sure you can catch the local speedboat  to Isabela Island.

The Quarentine check-ing process at 14:15 Pm. and the departure is at 15:00 pm

If your flight is scheduled to arrive after 11:00 am you’ll stay at Santa Cruz island on the first day. In case of this occurring Galatrails will do its best to accommodate your needs.

welcome to galapagos!

Baltra is a basaltic plateau-which belongs geologically to Santa Cruz-faulted in an east-west direction. In the distant past, the island was once connected to Santa Cruz and North Seymour. 

Baltra airport was built by the Americans during World War II. The army base was intended to defend the Panama Canal against japanese air raids, but the attack never came.

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Day 1

Baltra –Santa Cruz – Isabela Island

Upon arrival to Baltra Island our local representative will wait for you in the arrivals hall and help you transfer from Seymour airport by an airport bus (10 min ride) and a ferry ride (5min) to the north side of Santa Cruz where our representative will take you in to town of Puerto Ayora  which takes 45 minutes.

The same afternoon you are sailing unaccompanied to Isabela Island by public speedboat (2 hours). Speedboat rides can be bumpy therefore prepare yourself with seasickness medication.

By far the biggest island of the archipelago, the island is composed of six main volcanos quite Young and intermittenly active, five of which evolved in calderas, the old stage of a shield volcano.

Upon arrival to Puerto Villamil our representative will meet you at the port and take you to your accommodation.

Enjoy your free evening hours on this remote Island. Isabela´s sunsets on the beach are well known for their beauty.

Day 1
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Day 2

Isabela Island/ tuneles (B,L)

This is a 5 hour tour approximately. First, we leave by local boat from Puerto villamil town, we pass by Union rock a formation in the middle of the ocean where you can see some marine birds, than we continue to “los tuneles” a unique rock formation an hour offshore.

These unique formations are a series of above ocean archs which create tunnels for a unique snorkeling experience. We walk along the rock formations and get our closest encounter with blue footed boobies, these birds are amazingly completely unflustered by having humans around.

Next we will snorkel, these formations are home to a variety of Galapagos wildlife where with some luck you can snorkel with penguins, sea turtles, parrot fish, sea horses or experience an underwater cave full of sleeping sharks and Golden rays.

We will all enjoy lunch on board and you will return to your hotel for some free time on the island. Make sure you don’t miss the beach view sunset on this enchanted island.

Day 2
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Day 3

Sulfur Mines - Sierra Negra volcano (B, Box lunch)

Get to know and experience the sulfur mines on Isabela island at Sierra Negra volcano, this last has a diameter of 10 km, the walk to this stunning place is about 3 km with a 3- 4-hour journey approximately. .

Las minas de azufre or Sulfur mine are located to the west side, where there is more fumarolic activity and Sulfur deposit. Sulfur in the form of crystals has been deposited on the fumaroles for thousands of years.

The pickup start from your hotel, where we continue to the flamingo lagoon visit (wetlands), follow by the Interpretation center where you can see and to know more about the tortoises from the different volcanos (isabela). Then we will conitnue by car to the slopes of the Sierra Negra volcano for a period of 40 minutes, the transport will take you around the volcano that is located 800 meters high.

After this excursion if you have free time you can enjoy some activities (not included) such as:

    • Snorkeling in “Concha y Perla” Bay
    • Surfing
    • Biking
    • Visit Isabela Interpretation Center (Giant and babies tortoises from different volcanoes)
    • Flamingos lagoon
    • Visit the famous “Wall of tears”. This wall is a proof of the genuine human history of the islands. Around 1944 at foot of a desolated hill, that was erected from big lava blocks by convicts of the penal colony. Two to three hours’ walk from the town, on the way you have beautiful view points and sometimes you can see giant tortoises walking around freely, once at the end of the road you can see the only ruins still remains there.

Included activity

    • Hike to Sierra Negra and Chico volcano
Day 3
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Day 4

Isabela / San Cristobal Island (B,D)

Early morning on our last day in Isabela before heading to San Cristobal island, we have kajack excursion or paddle board as you wish in the bay of Puerto Villamil to spot the famous Galapagos penguin, blue footed boobies, sea turtles and sea lions.

Enjoy a snorkeling activity with high chances to swim with sea turtles, colorful fish and manta rays.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Be aware that Paddle board is more technical.

In the afternoon you take a short flight for 40 minutes from Isabela to San Cristobal island in a small aircraft at your arrival our staff will meet you and will assist you. Enjoy your first day in The Capital of Galapagos island!

Welcome dinner!

Included activity

    • Kajaking in Isabela bay
Day 4
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Day 5

San Cristobal Island (B)

Enjoy a full free day with different options to explore such as:

    • Surfing, surfing lessons
    • Española island daily tour
    • Punta pitt – daily tour
    • Islas Lobos
    • Interpretation center
    • 360 tour
    • Diving
    • Biking
    • Kayaking

* If you have any last minute tour requests, we can help you organize activities during your free time. Just let us know when youre here!

Day 5
Galatrails - Mapping your adventure auto2 Classic Galapagos
Day 6

Junco Lagoon and Galapaguera (B) - Departure

This morning before you are transferred back to the airport, you will have the last excursion with your guide to the Highlands of San Cristobal Junco Lagoon, this crater lake has a diameter of 270 meters, a surface of 360,000 square meters and a depth of 6 meters. It is supplied by rainwater only. The lagoon is the only fresh water source on the island and a habitat for many species of birds including Frigates, San Cristobal Mockingbirds and the White Cheeked Pintail. After Junco, we will visit LA GALAPAGUERA DE CERRO COLORADO TORTOISE RESERVE, to see San Cristobal’s Giant Tortoises.

After the visit your guide will take you to the airport and help you with the checking departure.

Please advise 15 days prior to the tour your arrival and departure flight details.

Day 6

Check our multiple hotel locations available pending availability.

Touristic or similar / San Cristobal Island

Touristic Superior or similar / San Cristobal Island

For your information this trip is not a group tour. You will be guided during activities by various naturalist guides from the Galapagos National Park. During the activities you will meet other passengers from other tour companies which makes a great chance to meet other travelers. Transiting in the speedboats from island to island you will be on your own but your well looked after as we take the hassle out of all the logistics. Tour Operations in Galápagos, are subject to space availability and itineraries may change, due to weather conditions, operational and logistical matters, so the number of excursions and visits are limited, so not specific excursion can be guaranteed.