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Give Back

Giving back is always much easier when we work together because, together we make community. At Galapagos’ School for Children with Special Needs we ask that you don’t look at our disabilities, but rather that you look at our potential.

Galapagos’ School for Children with Special Needs

Any time you buy our merchandise part of the proceeds go to funding our school’s programs.
You could also choose to help by bringing school materials, supplies with you on your trip and donating them directly to the school during your visit in Galapagos.

Since we service students with a wide range of disabilities materials that are adapted for students with specials needs are greatly appreciated as these can sometimes be hard to find or import to the islands. Some examples of items we would like donated are acrylic paint, highlighters, paint for clothing and materials for art workshop such as colours, glue and cardboard. If you want a more complete list or would like to ask if we have a need for a specific item please contact us at

About the school

In 1998 the school began providing care on Santa Cruz Island for children and youth with different types of disabilities (physical and mental). It started with just one classroom attached to an elementary school and over the years the demand for services has grown so much that it was necessary to open a school.

The mission is to serve each child with quality and warmth, because given the opportunity and correct preparation they can find a level of independence and autonomy as adults. The school strives to prepare students for life by offering programs like performing arts workshops.

Social and interpersonal skills are taught to students while at the same time building their confidence and public speaking abilities. A variety of classes and programs are offered all with the goal of getting students ready for an integrated life on the islands as adults.

Educational services offered at our site include:

  • Early childhood education (starting at 5 years old)
  • Primary education
  • Functional technical high school training (5-12th grade)
  • The school also provides many enrichment activities and programs including:
  • Participation in the national Ecuadorian special Olympics
  • Art contests organized by the foundation of special Olympics
  • Art expositions and participation in different local events on Santa Cruz Island
  • Gardening classes teaching students about conservation and native plants
  • Field trips and recreational activities teaching students about the natural beauty of their islands and showing them how to protect these resources