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Middle of the World

The most famous local excursion is to the equator at la mitad del mundo (' The middle of the world '), about 22 km north of Quito. This is the place where, in 1736, Charles-Marie de La Condamine's expsdition made the measurements that showed that this was indeed the equator. These measurements gave rise to the metric system and proved that the world is not perfectly round, but that it bulges at the equator.

4 hours
Total travel duration
$ 69
Daily departures
Available under request

Half-day trip to the "Middle of the World"

Have you ever been to the equator line? This is your chance! Experience the different experiments to prove that you are at the Center of the Earth. Here lies the purpose-built, colonial-style complex of whitewashed buildings, gift shops, bars and museums known as “El mitad del mundo” (middle of the world )

Description of the trip
You will be picked up from your Quito hotel at your time of convenience and will head north with your private transportation (approx. 45 min) to leave the city. Before reaching the Mitad del Mundo ¨The middle of the world¨ we will appreciate the view of the Pululahua crater the only inhabited in the world.

Close to the acutal equator line we will visit the Intiñan museum which has fascinating exhibits of astronomical geography and interesting explanations of the importance of Ecuador’s geographical location.
The museum features a number of interactive exhibits demonstrating events that occur only on the equator.

These include the complex Coriolis Effect, as well as simple, but effective and entertaining, demonstrations such as water going down a drain with no whirlpool, eggs balancing on the head of a nail, and the loss of muscle strength experienced when standing precisely on the line of the equator.

Please note that our itineraries may change, due to weather conditions, traffic, and logistical matters, so the number of excursions and visits are limited, so not specific excursion can be guaranteed.

What to bring?
Lightweight and warm clothing, sunscreen, camera and good walking shoes.

Altitude sickness
Please consider that this tour reaches high altitude and depending on your age, gender, fitness and health condition you might suffer from altitude sickness. Please check with your doctor before traveling.