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Many of the people involved in the tourism industry in Ecuador Mainland and  the Galapagos Islands such as  hotels, boats, airports, drivers etc are working hard and putting all their efforts together  setting up the bio-security and protocols in terms of receiving tourists to the country.

On December 2020 the “COE NACIONAL”  the maximun authority in charge of the security for the pandemic in Ecuador declared the new protocols to entering to the Galapagos islands REQUIREMENTS TO ENTER TO ECUADOR 

To enter Ecuador, the government requests the presentation of a negative PCR test for Covid 19, taken within 10 days prior to entering the country; with this the traveler is exempt from doing mandatory preventive isolation.

National and foreign citizens coming from airports in the United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa and the European Union  In addition to the negative RT-PCR test,  upon entering the country, the rapid antigen test will be carried out randomly, which will be taken at air and sea entry points. This test will be in charge of the Ministry of Public Health. If it is negative, it may continue to enter the Galapagos  province, in case it is positive, it should be submitted to the orders of the national health authority. The value of these tests will be covered by the users.

If the passenger does not present a negative PCR test upon arrival, they can enter the country, but must perform the mandatory preventive isolation of 10 days at their home or at the accommodation of their choice.

Here the link of the authorized laboratories by the Ministry of health in Ecuador, in case you don’t have and need to do the RT-PCR test in ECUADOR to enter to Galapagos Islands (Even the digital results can work and be use, please print some sheets in case is necessary you need to present in different spots in Ecuador and Galapagos)

The cost of the tests fluctuates between USD 80 and 120 and some of them can give you the result by e-mail in 24 hours

  • You must acquire the traffic control card, the cost of the card is $ 20 for all passengers with tourist category older than 2 years, at the counter of the Galapagos government council, located in the airports of Guayaquil and Quito, for which you must present:
  • RT-PCR test no longer than 96 hours between taking the sample and its shipment date.
  • In the case of foreign tourists who have certified laboratory results from their country of origin within the times established in this protocol at the time of entry to the islands, they may present this document as an enabling document.
  • The negative RT-PCR test will not be a requirement to travel to Galapagos for children and young people under or equal to 17 years of age, in the migratory categories of permanent, temporary residents, transients and tourists, whether nationals or foreigners.

  • Round trip ticket (no more than 60 days)
  • Salvoconducto – Safe conduct (this is issued by the travel agency or the hotel) with the same date of entry and exit of tickets, granted by a tourist services authorized by the Mintur (Ministery Of Tourism)
  • Travel insurance


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