A journey into the interior of a woman committed to her values ​​and beliefs.

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Please Let me introduce you, Mariuxi Prieto. In this video she wants to show you the origins of the famous PANAMA HAT. and others backgrounds of the Ecuadorian Culture.

Mariuxi Prieto:
Biologist from the Faculty of Natural Sciences of the University of Guayaquil, Historian, Photographer, Writer, Explorer, Adventurer.
An activist for the defense of the Architectural Heritage of Guayaquil, her emblematic fight against injustices led her to start a social aid work that remains in force to this day.
In 2013, on the eve of a trip to the United States, while she was eagerly searching for a gift for her hosts, she did not imagine at that time that she was about to start a long journey that would lead her to re-find herself. , a trip to his modest origins as a descendant of peasants from an area of ​​the Guayas Province, a trip towards the re-discovery of the Ancestral Traditions in the Santa Elena Peninsula

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Juan Elaje

Juan Elaje


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